Common HVAC Problem And How To Prevent It

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If your heating, ventilation, and air conditioning system prevents you from feeling comfortable in your home, then that’s the time that you reach out to the nearest HVAC in Charleston, SC. 


Charleston HVAC SC contractors are experienced in installing, repairing, and maintaining your system despite its brand, model, and our contractors provide troubleshooting to set your unit’s system back on track.


Charleston opened their doors to HVAC over ten years ago; it is locally owned and operated by a company with 15,000 residential customers throughout Charleston and is voted as a “Best Heating and Air Company” for five consecutive years. Make sure to reach out to our professional and get your system fixed.


We recommend you maintain your heating and cooling system beforehand, and the best time to do that is during the spring or early summer. Charleston HVAC is always available 24/7, don’t hesitate to call us. 


Common Problems And How To Prevent

In a place where the season relatively changes, the HVAC system has typical problems that force your unit’s system to shut down due to unbearable conditions. HVAC common issues include heating, ventilation, and air conditioning problems that arise through numerous system parts. 

Common problems of HVAC have their solution and is discussed below:


HVAC Filter

An HVAC unit filter might get clogged by a speck of dirt when not clean all the time and may reduce and cause the system to freeze. It is the most preventable problem, and you need to change the air filter often. And if you’re using an inexpensive filter, it should be changed monthly for the unit’s efficiency. 

HVAC Evaporator Coil


If your air filter is clogged, then the airflow may limit the evaporator coil that may cause the unit to freeze up. The coil is placed in the attic, that’s why cleaning is needed only in three years or more. If the loop is outside the system, it should be cleaned at least once in three years.


Duct System


A common issue that a duct system can have is the building up of grime and organic materials that build up through the line. The duct system can be clogged with algae or dirt when water fills up the drain pan and leaks over the entire system. Always check the duct system though it has a water-safety switch to prevent the system’s operation might leak into the house that may damage the floors or ceiling. The drain pan should always be emptied and drained to solve the problem.


Thermostatic valve expansion


This valve signals the HVAC system on what it is supposed to do and when it should be done. It may turn off accidentally or may have the wrong settings, so ensure that the thermostat is on. If the thermostat is not on, it may malfunction, and you might need a professional to check that.


Pumps and Controls


You should always maintain a temperature above 70 degrees when the system is functioning since turning it below 700 may cause the indoor coil to freeze up that may cause the duct rock to sweat. Another one is the control; avoid passing the safety switch in the drain pan that may cause water damage, always make sure that the thermostat is switched on correctly.


Even if you know a common HVAC problem, it is better to trust the professional in properly doing that job. The information above is a few problems that may soon appear in your HVAC system. You can always check out our HVAC website to help you narrow down the issues with your system.


HVAC Charleston SC Home Service

It doesn’t matter if your system is new or old and what type of brand it is; all that matters is how it will function when you need it the most. HVAC Service Charleston SC will inspect your air conditioner’s filter to primary refrigerant level to make you comfortable at home. We’re glad to serve you, visit our website for a same-day booking.

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