Is the Air Conditioner Better Than a Fan?

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Air conditioner better than Fan

Among the various ways of achieving cooling your place, the most prominent ones are buying air conditioners or ceiling fans. Both of these are mediums of cooling that have been found widespread that some homeowners use.

The Fan versus Air conditioning debate has been engaged for quite some time. Ceiling fans always make their name on the list of energy-saving tips in summer, while air conditioning gives such significant cooling. 


These are the advantages of fans:

It does have a lower upfront cost and is also less costly to operate. In addition to this, it usually has none to little operating expenses and functions for a long time.

It emits less harmful gases and pollutants than air conditioners. However, it produces none, counting those emitted by it while producing electricity to operate the fans. It means it is less in Carbon footprint.

It can be moved around your place and store according to usage, rather than being fixed to a single location.

It does not need to be installed through a long process. The installation is quick and easy compared to the significant effort required to reinstall an air conditioner.

It doesn’t need to be always maintained and have their refrigerant and filter replaced. 

These are the cons of using fans:

1. The most significant disadvantage of this is that it does not give the same cooling level as an air conditioner. Even if it is cooling, which a fan does provide is not give out over a large area. Numerous fans have to be used in conjunction to cover a large extent.

2. It only functions when there is light to moderate heat, not when it is smoking hot. Moreover, if space receives a lot of direct sunlight, the fans’ effect decreases. As it can be seen, the cooling of Air conditioner vs. Fan is not the same.

3. A fan’s blades can be a safety thing, especially if it is a pedestal or table fan.

3. Portable fans don’t have to filter the air of any contaminants or pollutants.

4. Fans don’t reduce or remove humidity from the air. 

Advantages of using air conditioners:

1. It is almost always the option of a large area that needs cool air in high humidity and temperature.

2. In times of winter season, a fan will not do anything. To cool down your places to a reasonable temperature, an air conditioner must be used to provide comfortable cold air.

3. Air conditioners can work as your dehumidifiers. During the evaporator part, the humidity is absorbed by the unit’s coils and removed from the air.

Disadvantages of using an air conditioner:

1. The operating and initial expenses of AC are much higher than fans.

2. It needs to be planned while designing a house, especially in central air conditioners. Vent and ductworks need to be positioned in advance. Ductless need to have holes punched through walls. These expenses can be pretty high.

3. They have potentially harmful refrigerants in them. In older air conditioners, this concern is amplified, with the gases becoming a source of damage to the ozone layer.

4. It requires regular maintenance and a lengthy installation procedure.

5. Even though both units are used for cooling, they are in no way similar. A portable fan does not lower the room temperature; it only moves the air around, leading to faster evaporation of moisture in your skin to achieve the cooling effect it has. In extreme heat, this won’t have any noticeable impact, unlike the air conditioner.


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